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What can home health do for you? First Texas Home Health is setting itself apart from other home care agencies by providing sound medical solutions for the home bound patient. We believe that each patient and family are unique in their health care and recovery needs. Our job is to identify those needs in a way that promotes safety, independence, allowing for the maximul level of daily functioning and returns to normal activities…in your home with your family, meeting your expectations.

How Does Home Health Work?

First-Texas1st First Texas Home Health offers the finest in professional care and services on an individual basis, providing care for patients going home from an extended illness. We accept referrals from physicians, family, hospitals, or from you. After we receive a referral, 1st First Texas Home Health professionals will then consult with your physician to determine exactly what care you need to recover. Then we will work with you and your family to set goals that will speed up your recovery. As we work to help you get better we will stay in contact with your physician and keep them informed about your progress. We will also teach you and your family any skills you need to help you recover faster. We have the staff, equipment, medical supplies, and referral sources to meet your needs. We can also assist you with referrals to other community agencies when needed.

Our Agency’s Vision is

1st First Texas Home Health envisions a health care delivery system in which all persons receive high quality care in an atmosphere of respect for human dignity. 1st First Texas Home Health seeks measures to promote the many aspects of health care that contribute to comprehensive home care, while achieving and maintaining the fiscal integrity necessary for operations.

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